Twisted Disc

Shameless Twist announces the launch of the Discworld Yarn Club, a yarn club based on the Discworld series. Explore the colours of Discworld from the Hub to the Rim with us! At the personal request of Sir Terry Pratchett, a portion of  your subscription will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society in the joint name of Sir Terry Pratchett and Shameless Twist.
12 months, 12 skeins, all Discworld related.

May 21 update (okay so it’s the 22nd, but bear with me here!)

I have sent out the first instalment. Once people start receiving their packages, I’ll post a picture of the first colourway on this page. Canada is looking at a possible postal strike (timing or what?) so I’m also looking into alternate, private shipping options in case it does occur.


Spoiler for the first instalment here. You were warned!


17 Responses to Twisted Disc

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  2. Piquita says:

    Is this all sock yarn? Please provide more information about what kinds of yarns we can expect… thanks.

    • shamelesstwist says:

      The yarns are fingering weight, yes. There will be a mix of mainly Obedience and Naughty (which can be found on the main website). I’m looking at a few new possible bases, and if the one I’m looking at is as exciting as I expect it to be, members will be treated to the debut of the new base.

  3. Raven says:

    Is there somewhere that you have posted more information? Things like what types of yarns, perhaps colors examples? Weight of yarn, weight of the skeins? For the Alzheimer’s research, how much of the cost is going to the research? Which research organization(s) are receiving the money? Will there be a way to get feedback from that organization or organizations, say for total donated?

    How about details for the 6 month club? More information and I might be willing to subscribe.

    • shamelesstwist says:

      Given that the element of surprise is one of the draws of subscribing to a yarn club, I won’t be giving spoilers as to the colours being offered. However, the bases most definitely decided on are Obedience and Naughty, which are viewable on the main website The Alzheimer’s research donation will be the larger of 10% of profit or $500. If someone wants to see a screenshot of the e-receipt from the donation, I will be happy to provide that. I’m still researching the organizations and will likely donate to, which appears to be Sir Terry’s organization of choice.

      Details for the 6 month club are that you get 6 months worth of yarn as opposed to 12 months. You would receive yarn for the first 6 months, and then mailings would stop.

      • SwedishRose says:

        Would it be possible to renew the 6 months when they’re up if you decide that you really liked everything and that you want the last 6 months as well?

      • shamelesstwist says:

        Absolutely! The number of second round 6 month spots will be equal to the number sold in the first round. That means that if there are 13, 6 month spots sold in this launch, when those 6 months are over, I’ll open up another 13, 6 month spots.

  4. Jenny Parker says:

    Do you mail to the UK? How much would it be?

  5. mehitabel says:

    So looking forward to this! First one up is one of my favorite DW characters–well, actually, I like almost all of them, so that doesn’t mean much. Happy happy anticipating a visit from the Canada mail goose!

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  8. Tempewytch says:

    Can you still order this and if so how?

    • shamelesstwist says:

      I’m sorry! This comment somehow ended up in my spam comments box and I didn’t see it until now. Unfortunately, not at this time. However, the second wave of 6 month spots will be opening up in September and you’ll have a chance to join up then. Keep an eye out!

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