Bloody Stupid Johnson

I love Bloody Stupid Johnson. Truly, he embodies the good intentions gone awry that is the human condition. Throughout the course of this club, I’ve tested so many different colourways, bounced ideas back & forth with my dyepot about who should look like what, and been happy with the results but sometimes it just didn’t fit.

This is where Bloody Stupid Johnson comes in. These are some of the (many!) skeins of “oooh! Let’s see if this is right!” that went with dyeing over 200 skeins of yarn. Some of these colourways may be seen in future Twisted Disc editions, some will be exclusively Bloody Stupid Johnsons. Let me show you what’s going out on Saturday;


In keeping with the spirit of BSJ, they were blindly packed. I don’t know who is getting what, and I just hope that each person enjoys their surprise.


It’s been a fun club. I’m looking forward to doing it again!

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Poprock Love Bugs

This post here made me realize just how much I was hoarding my yarns. I wanted to knit myself all of the socks with all of the yarns. I have some people who I will knit for, but not many. One of those is my oldest daughter. I told her to go through my stash & choose some yarn & I’d let her trawl Rav for a pattern. She ended up choosing some Tosh Sock in the “Poprocks” colourway, which is so bright and pink that it refuses to be photographed properly. I ended up having to manipulate the photos just to get the colour close. This stuff is PINK. The pattern she chose was Love Bugs. It’s a fairly well written pattern, but I did adjust the heel depth a bit by wrapping & turning each heel stitch as opposed to every second one. I also added a bead because my friend Celia got me hooked on beads in my knitting.


You may need to enlarge the pic to be able to see the hearts a little better. I'm a fairly good dyer, decent knitter, but terrible photographer.


This yarn is eye-searingly pink. I love it. Ame loves her socks, so I’m hoping that at 13, her feet have stopped growing. A mom can dream, right?

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Daft Wullie

This is another colourway I had already completed ahead of time, but when it came time to tag them to send them out, I just didn’t like the way it looked. So I redid it. Daft Wullie is a Pictsie, or a Nac Mac Feegle. He’s not the particularly clever, but when he does say something which makes sense, it makes more sense than something which would make sense said by someone who normally makes sense. Make sense? No? Ach weel.

There he is. He’s the blues of what I imagine the Feegles look like with all of their tattoos. I was going to add a patina of dirt, but the blues were too striking for me to mess with any further. We’ll just pretend he fell in the river while fighting Rob Anybody, okay?

Edited because it was pointed out that I forgot to say “CRIVENS!”

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Revamping the shop!

Back when I did the Rincewind colourway, my recipe book which I had foolishly written in gel pen & the occasional felt tip marker (I have 3 kids. Pens are a valuable commodity around here.) fell into the last pot of them. I lost all of my recipes. There are some which I remember because they’re fairly elementary, so that’s a good thing but there are some which I could not remember for the life of me. I’m going to try to recreate the more popular ones, and come up with some new ones for repeatable colourways. In doing so, that means there will be a few (quite a few!) one-offs. The shop is going to be revamped with all repeatable colourways in the main sections, and a separate section for the one-offs. I had originally intended to hold on to LittleFreak Yarns as my one-off studio, but I’ve been terrible about keeping that up.

With all that’s been going on personally for me, I’ve not actually maintained Shameless Twist and have been kicking myself for that. I love dyeing, I love working with the yarns after they’re done. Between building my day career, school, kids, dealing with some issues here at home, the clubs and raising money for my daughter’s trip to Florida (which is where she is right now) Shameless Twist has fallen by the wayside. I figure if I’m going to get ‘er back up and running I might as well come back in with a bang, so the site is being revamped. Aside from the one-off section, I’m also hoping to roll a few other changes in with it, which includes making the free winding service more obvious. The only way I know that a client wants their skeins wound into cakes for them is if they select that and put it in their cart, and there have been a few who I have missed because it was requested as a note on the Paypal receipt which quite frankly, I rarely read.

I have a trunk show coming up in May(ish) at Make1 Yarn Studio and will be rolling the changes out after that. If there are any improvements you’d personally like to see on the site, let me know!

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My Stash. Let Me Show You It.

Okay just my fingering weight stash. I hadn’t realized how much it was growing until I went to organize my studio last weekend. Remember the WIP post? I didn’t include pictures of those yarns in my stash photo, and I’m certain that there are rogue skeins floating about because I have a tendency to snuggle them a little bit, get distracted and then put them down kind of wherever. You can definitely tell I live in this house.

So here’s the picture of the skeined yarns;

And then there are the ones which are already made into balls, usually because I cast on, then didn’t like the way the project was turning out or became frustrated with tinking too many times, so I frogged the project & left it balled up, promising myself that it would become something soon.

Um. Okay. It would seem I left a few dozen out of that photo for some reason. I don’t even know why.

Anyway, I considered going on a yarn diet. I truly believed there was no good reason for me to buy more sock yarn. I mean really, how many pairs do I expect to make? Well, there are currently 200,594 sock patterns available to gawk at in some form or another via Ravelry, so why on earth would I want to stop making socks? If I made one pair of socks per week (HAH!), I could rip through all of those in a mere 3857 years. If I make a pair a day, then it would only take 549 years. I can do that, right? Right? damn. Alright. So no yarn diet, but I have slowed down considerably. And I will make mates for all of my socks, including the Rivendell socks I’m converting to toe up at the moment as well as the Love Bugs I’m making for my oldest daughter.

Since I’m trying to think of ways to make room for more in reduce my stash, does anyone know of any great men’s toe-up patterns? Pop ’em in the comments if you do!

Edit: I just looked back at the page I was citing for my numbers. I was incorrect, there are only 15,109 pairs of socks available to gawk at on Ravelry. I gave the total number of knitting patterns, and forgot to apply the filter. This means that if I did a pair a week, it would take me a mere 290 years, or if I did a pair a day it would only take 41 1/2 years.

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Carrot Ironfoundersson

Originally, Carrot was going to be a fiery red & orange, overlaid by a patina of dust. Really, that would have been appropriate for Captain Carrot. However, readers of the series have probably picked up that there’s more to him than being a Watchman. Sergeant Angua once smelled him in her wolf form & described it as soft pinks & greens. I really wanted to capture that, but there’s more to him. There’s the innocence & freshness of a soft sunrise, overlaid by the not at all subtle implication that he’s of royal descent. This is what I was going for in this version of Carrot Ironfoundersson; he’s more than a Watchman, he’s Carrot. So here he is;


I was curious what it knit up like, so I started a sock. I had hope to have it finished before I posted this, but I’m not a fast knitter these days. You can see seed stitch & stockinette.

I promised a while ago that I’d be posting 2 year old socks. Somehow I forgot to do that post, so I’ll show you those too while I’m here. I wear these in my work boots on a weekly basis and wash them in really harsh detergent because of the work I do;

My friend Celia made these for me. I love them so much, and I’m so glad I can still see the intricate cabling even after 2 years of hard wear. I did have to darn the toe because there were a couple of weeks when my toenail clippers had gone wayward, but that’s the only real wear these have shown. They’re made from Obedience. The colour has faded a bit, but I do owe that to heavy duty detergent. Normal wearers wouldn’t experience that. A note on miss Celia; she’s now designing up a storm (she did the Breathless pattern I’m so enamoured with) and I just love her stuff.


I spent the weekend dyeing up the second last installment of Twisted Disc. I’m going to take a brief hiatus from dyeing in order to update the shop after I’m done with this round of Twisted Disc, but I do intend to do a second round. I hope we’ll see you there!

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My Yarn Shame

I know, I know. Shameless Twist expressing shame. BUT! I’m not expressing shame in my stash. I’m about to express shame in my absolute lack of ability to actually complete anything with it this year! Here. My WIPs. Let me show you them.

As you can see, I’m not averse to pirating needles from one project to use on another. The sparkly pink yarn you can see at the top there? I can’t even find the sock I’d started with the other half of that skein, but I know it’s around here somewhere so I had to include it. The navy next to it is a sock I started for my Dad in the hopes that I’ll get it done in time for christmas. See, my problem is that there are so many pretty yarns, and so many cool patterns, and I want to do them all RIGHT! NOW!

This has led to quite a few undoings. Let me show you this year’s frogs.

I have some of my own yarn there, some Nerd Girl, some Play at Life, some Wollmeise (did I spell that right?), some LRB and a bunch of them I’ve lost the labels for and have no idea what they are any more. It isn’t that I didn’t like the yarns (I think I’ve met one yarn I didn’t like. Only one.) or the patterns, I just didn’t have the oomph to actually finish the sock, or I needed the needles because something else caught my eye.

*I just realized that a leftover is in there. The brown/black with blue & orange flashes is actually from the Space Invader socks I did last year. Whoops.

I’d do something foolish and set a public goal of finishing one project every 2 weeks, but I know that would only lead to further disappointment and while it’s great to give people fodder for something to have a good chuckle about, I imagine I’d be pretty hard on myself for failing to meet a goal I know I can’t achieve even before it’s set. Here’s what I’m going to do instead; I’m going to make 2k 2p Inside Out socks with this yarn;

Woolhunter Walkabout Sock in Summer Madness

I will get these completed before I move onto any new projects. This does not mean I can’t divert my attention back to my DNA socks, but NO MORE NEW PROJECTS. Nevermind that I have 30, 4″ size 0 Dyakcraft DPNs which I had made specifically for my startitis issues.

I’ll do this, right? I mean, it’s only one pair of socks. Right?


Leave a comment and commiserate with me. I know I’m not the only knitter who is so entranced with all the colour & pattern combinations out there that she (or he) can’t get them finished before starting on a new one.

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Havelock Vetinari

Vetinari was one of the more difficult colours to come up with (although the one coming up has been by far the most vexing). How can you define the man with anything other than black, deep, impenetrable black? Well, if you remember reading “Night Watch”, he was the only assassin in the Guild who wore anything besides black. Green was his preferred colour for camouflage. But is he truly a “green” character? Nah. So I had to collide his past with his present in order to represent the full Havelock.



The double meanings of his common methods of speech are also represented by this skein, as you’re not entirely sure if that’s black, or dark green, or sortablack. How are you supposed to take this one? Best to just sit quietly and give monosyllabic answers if necessary. About the only person to have gotten away with trying to play his own game back to him was Sam Vimes. I’m not even going to try putting a colour to him.


Don’t let me detain you. I’m sure you have knitting to do.

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Moist von Lipwig

Moist von Lipwig was originally going to be green. I mean, the man is all about the dosh, isn’t he? But green just doesn’t do it for him. He’s a complicated man! Trying to focus on one aspect of him was, well, impossible at first. Then it hit me. This is the man who can find a pin in a pile of Ankh-Morpork gutter trash. This is the man who can renew the post office and the banks. How better to honour him than to pay homage to finding something shiny in a pile of Ankh-filth? Since Ankh-filth is certainly not something which I’d like to apply to yarn, I went with the next most appealing yet obscuring pile; autumn leaves.

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25% off sale!

So, I turned 27 again today, and I figured what better way to celebrate than to put up a sale. So I did. Banners in this post are clickable to get you where you want to be!



And also? There’s one spot left in the Tripping Yarn Balls collaborative club featuring Shameless Twist, Tyrannosaurus Knits and Play at Life Fiber Arts.

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