I’m Going to start a Tink-Along.

So. I’ve been busy, mainly dyeing and working. There has been a crazy amount of drama in my life lately, but I’ve been trying my darnedest to knit every night. I don’t always have the chance to, or I get wrapped up in reading my boards and suddenly realize I need to go to bed if I have any hope of getting enough sleep to be effective at work the next day. I’ve been test knitting a sock, but I had printed the pattern off on bright white paper and the words were swimming. I was screened for Irlen Syndrome back in February and have a peach overlay to help the words come back to where they belong, but I am still getting used to using it. After goobing up the first sock prototype, I tried a second and was still unable to follow the pattern. Finally it dawned on me that I am not a poor knitter, nor am I being stupid or distracted, I had printed it out on bright white! Frustrated & elated at the same time, I bombed over to Staples & grabbed some salmon coloured paper to try it on. Ba-BOOM! I was following instructions like a madwoman! This would explain why my last 4 socks were frogged and put in time out.

I also set my Dad up with a blog today. The name of it came from me jokingly suggesting that his life’s catch phrase was “Are you being deliberately obtuse?”. He’s, well, he’s my Dad and we are so very different and so very the same in some ways. He’s an amusing storyteller, so if you’re interested in the mad mutterings of a middle aged Canadian with 5 granddaughters and a grandson, go check it out. He’s been working out. He hates it.

I’d post pictures, but the pattern is secret until it’s done.


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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