Some people are just knit worthy

For the last 2 1/2 years, a woman named Treva has been taking care of my youngest daughter for 10 hours a day. I would blearily drop my daughter off at 7:30 AM and pick her up at 5:30 PM. In those 2 1/2 years, Charlie’s manners & speech improved, she was happy at the end of the day, and I knew that she’d been properly fed & taken care of. Treva was the third parent, caring for my daughter during most of her waking hours and making sure she got to kindergarten when the time came. She brought Charlie to the Sunnybrook Farm, the beach, the water park, the playground, helped her make Mother’s Day treasures, helped her learn her letters and practice all she’d learned in kindergarten. She patiently put up with the fussy eating Charlie would toss her way (which I had no idea about until only a few months ago!), refereed arguments between Charlie and Treva’s own kids, and welcomed my daughter into her home for 2 1/2 years. Charlie is entering grade one on Tuesday, so her time with Treva had to come to an end. I hadn’t actually needed child care over the summer, because Charlie has 2 older sisters who are quite capable of caring for her while I’m at work, but it was just too soon.

To put it into knitter’s terms, Treva is knit-worthy. And when you’re as selfish a knitter as I am, that’s saying a lot. At Charlie’s request, I made her the Love Bug socks I made my oldest daughter with yarn I dyed for the project at Charlie’s direction.


The charm you see there isn’t attached to the socks. It’s a pendant Charlie chose for Treva.


Originally, I hadn’t consulted with Charlie regarding Treva’s socks, as the hush-capabilities of a six year old are usually questionable at best. I was making the Galder socks in a toe-up fashion, but hadn’t increased my needle size for the cable portion and ended up with socks which were way too difficult to put on. Pretty, but impractical. I made the one sock in Taurus from the TYB Zodiac club. As soon as I realized what I’d done, we started dyeing yarn.


I managed to get another skein of Taurus through a FSOT posting on Rav, and started making a pair with the correct needles. I was clipping along at a good pace and turned the entire heel (see that lovely textured heel?) when I realized I hadn’t been cabling the heel in the proper direction. Frustrated, I frogged. I started again. And not even into my second pattern repeat, I screwed up again. So these gorgeous socks are on the back burner.

I’m just so glad that I was able to finish Treva’s socks, and that Charlie had a chance to be cared for by Treva. My gratitude couldn’t even be measured by the number of stars.


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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4 Responses to Some people are just knit worthy

  1. Treva Garn says:

    Ohmygosh!!! Again I’m tearing up!! I love your daughter like I love my own children. It has been my upmost pleasure having her become a part of my family these last few years. Thank YOU so much for letting me help raise her!! She’s one smart cookie and is going to do wonderful things in this world!!

  2. Treva Garn says:

    And thank you for the wonderful socks!!! Ha I can’t believe I didn’t mention them!! They are spectacular!!! SOOOO comfy!!! And the necklace is amazing. I’m still wearing it and don’t want to take it off. It will be one of my most treasured gifts!! 🙂

    • shamelesstwist says:

      Haha, well make sure you take the socks off every day anyway! Remember what I said about washing them though; they need to be turned inside out. And that bead is fine to go through the wash.

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