I swear I’ve been knitting!

I can’t really post pictures of said knitting right now, because the recipients will be able to see them and as anyone in my clubs know, I’m all about the surprise. There will be photos when it’s time though, I promise.

We’ve announced the launch of Come As You Are – a 90’s alternative/grunge music themed club that all three of us are excited about. When Erin of Tyrannosaurus Knits told us that she was leaving the dyeing world, it took Chrystee and I some time to get over our sad enough to recruit Christa from Nerd Girl Yarns. Christa does some beautiful work and I’ve been a fan for a long time. It was wonderful working with Erin & Chrystee, it was a lot of fun. The nice thing about collaborative clubs is that in our club, we send the other dyers our yarn as well, so we got to get in on the excitement. The three of us would swoon privately over each other’s yarns before anyone else got to see them, but getting them in the mail was so exciting! Christa is going to be a wonderful addition to our collaborative, and I’m so looking forward to all of this. 

Speaking of clubs, I’m wavering between doing a second round of Twisted Disc or going in a new direction. Twisted Disc was fun, and I am a complete Terry Pratchet devotee, and there are so many characters I didn’t get to touch on. But there are so many cool themes out there as well!



Maybe a smaller Twisted Disc to make room for a second theme? I just might do that. Then again I might not. Who knows?


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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