Impulse and Insinuation

During the course of the Twisted Disc club, I introduced people to Insinuation. It was just a teaser; DEATH on Insinuation. It has been a few months since that went out, and I’ve finally added it to the shop.

I did a 116 skein update in Shameless Twist tonight, with the help of my kids. Last night, it was with the help of some of my friends as I railed against my creative block for coming up with names for these yarns. It’s been a fun update, and I look forward to peoples’ reactions to Insinuation and Impulse.

Insinuation is a truly seductive yarn which I talked about in the Death post. I really don’t think I could describe it better now than I did back then. What more could I say about a yarn that is 25% silk and drapes itself across your hands the way it does?

Impulse is a new 75/25 superwash wool/nylon blend. It’s more tightly twisted than Naughty is, but softer than Obedience. It’s absolutely wonderful to work with.

And now, some pictures because who wants a blog post without pictures, hmm?

Love Letters on the new Impulse base

That Frosts My Peaches on Insinuation


For some reason, Wookie’s Lament doesn’t want to upload the picture of the yarn, so here’s a shot of it as promised on the product page. I don’t know why it’s so shy!

Poor, shy, Wookie’s Lament


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I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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