Poprock Love Bugs

This post here made me realize just how much I was hoarding my yarns. I wanted to knit myself all of the socks with all of the yarns. I have some people who I will knit for, but not many. One of those is my oldest daughter. I told her to go through my stash & choose some yarn & I’d let her trawl Rav for a pattern. She ended up choosing some Tosh Sock in the “Poprocks” colourway, which is so bright and pink that it refuses to be photographed properly. I ended up having to manipulate the photos just to get the colour close. This stuff is PINK. The pattern she chose was Love Bugs. It’s a fairly well written pattern, but I did adjust the heel depth a bit by wrapping & turning each heel stitch as opposed to every second one. I also added a bead because my friend Celia got me hooked on beads in my knitting.


You may need to enlarge the pic to be able to see the hearts a little better. I'm a fairly good dyer, decent knitter, but terrible photographer.


This yarn is eye-searingly pink. I love it. Ame loves her socks, so I’m hoping that at 13, her feet have stopped growing. A mom can dream, right?


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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