Daft Wullie

This is another colourway I had already completed ahead of time, but when it came time to tag them to send them out, I just didn’t like the way it looked. So I redid it. Daft Wullie is a Pictsie, or a Nac Mac Feegle. He’s not the particularly clever, but when he does say something which makes sense, it makes more sense than something which would make sense said by someone who normally makes sense. Make sense? No? Ach weel.

There he is. He’s the blues of what I imagine the Feegles look like with all of their tattoos. I was going to add a patina of dirt, but the blues were too striking for me to mess with any further. We’ll just pretend he fell in the river while fighting Rob Anybody, okay?

Edited because it was pointed out that I forgot to say “CRIVENS!”


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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4 Responses to Daft Wullie

  1. askmeaftercoffee says:

    Lurrrrve it. Can’t figure out how to follow your blog, yo. ‘Tis Drew.

    • shamelesstwist says:

      I think the sad thing is, I have no idea how to follow a blog either. I just try to remember to look at other people’s blogs. techno-fail, I haz it.

      • askmeaftercoffee says:

        Oh weird! When I clicked on your message, there was this little thing at the top that said “Follow”…and so now I’m following. Yay! I think I’m also going to try Google Reader to follow different blogs.

  2. mehitabel says:

    Over on the right-hand-bottom of the blog window, there’s a little + in a circle and it says “follow.” When I clicked on the + it popped up a window that let me enter my email address and bingo, I’m now following the blog. If you have a n arrower window–reading on a laptop or a smaller screen–try widening the window to see if it shows up.

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