Revamping the shop!

Back when I did the Rincewind colourway, my recipe book which I had foolishly written in gel pen & the occasional felt tip marker (I have 3 kids. Pens are a valuable commodity around here.) fell into the last pot of them. I lost all of my recipes. There are some which I remember because they’re fairly elementary, so that’s a good thing but there are some which I could not remember for the life of me. I’m going to try to recreate the more popular ones, and come up with some new ones for repeatable colourways. In doing so, that means there will be a few (quite a few!) one-offs. The shop is going to be revamped with all repeatable colourways in the main sections, and a separate section for the one-offs. I had originally intended to hold on to LittleFreak Yarns as my one-off studio, but I’ve been terrible about keeping that up.

With all that’s been going on personally for me, I’ve not actually maintained Shameless Twist and have been kicking myself for that. I love dyeing, I love working with the yarns after they’re done. Between building my day career, school, kids, dealing with some issues here at home, the clubs and raising money for my daughter’s trip to Florida (which is where she is right now) Shameless Twist has fallen by the wayside. I figure if I’m going to get ‘er back up and running I might as well come back in with a bang, so the site is being revamped. Aside from the one-off section, I’m also hoping to roll a few other changes in with it, which includes making the free winding service more obvious. The only way I know that a client wants their skeins wound into cakes for them is if they select that and put it in their cart, and there have been a few who I have missed because it was requested as a note on the Paypal receipt which quite frankly, I rarely read.

I have a trunk show coming up in May(ish) at Make1 Yarn Studio and will be rolling the changes out after that. If there are any improvements you’d personally like to see on the site, let me know!


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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