My Stash. Let Me Show You It.

Okay just my fingering weight stash. I hadn’t realized how much it was growing until I went to organize my studio last weekend. Remember the WIP post? I didn’t include pictures of those yarns in my stash photo, and I’m certain that there are rogue skeins floating about because I have a tendency to snuggle them a little bit, get distracted and then put them down kind of wherever. You can definitely tell I live in this house.

So here’s the picture of the skeined yarns;

And then there are the ones which are already made into balls, usually because I cast on, then didn’t like the way the project was turning out or became frustrated with tinking too many times, so I frogged the project & left it balled up, promising myself that it would become something soon.

Um. Okay. It would seem I left a few dozen out of that photo for some reason. I don’t even know why.

Anyway, I considered going on a yarn diet. I truly believed there was no good reason for me to buy more sock yarn. I mean really, how many pairs do I expect to make? Well, there are currently 200,594 sock patterns available to gawk at in some form or another via Ravelry, so why on earth would I want to stop making socks? If I made one pair of socks per week (HAH!), I could rip through all of those in a mere 3857 years. If I make a pair a day, then it would only take 549 years. I can do that, right? Right? damn. Alright. So no yarn diet, but I have slowed down considerably. And I will make mates for all of my socks, including the Rivendell socks I’m converting to toe up at the moment as well as the Love Bugs I’m making for my oldest daughter.

Since I’m trying to think of ways to make room for more in reduce my stash, does anyone know of any great men’s toe-up patterns? Pop ’em in the comments if you do!

Edit: I just looked back at the page I was citing for my numbers. I was incorrect, there are only 15,109 pairs of socks available to gawk at on Ravelry. I gave the total number of knitting patterns, and forgot to apply the filter. This means that if I did a pair a week, it would take me a mere 290 years, or if I did a pair a day it would only take 41 1/2 years.


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I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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5 Responses to My Stash. Let Me Show You It.

  1. toya says:

    He he you Damn hoarder!!!! Not yet a SABLE but a young cougar.

    • shamelesstwist says:

      Hey hey now, I wouldn’t say hoarder quite yet. More of a yarn hoar! I should count them to see how long it would actually take to knit up all of this if I went at my usual pace.

      I would, but I’m lazy.

  2. Stacey says:

    We will not speak of my stash, it draws power every time that I mention it and then compels me to buy more to feed it (it was thrilled when you started making home deliveries). Safe to say it outweighs my children, the dog, my husband and, quite possibly, me.

    • shamelesstwist says:

      I have seen a portion of your stash and am immensely envious. I suspect, madam, that you have hit SABLE. Better teach your girls how to knit!

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