A Year in Knitting

I’d love to say I did two dozen exciting, different patterns. I didn’t. I did 7 pairs of Breathless or variations thereof, one adaptation of a fingerless mitt design, designed a sock of my own which I didn’t write out properly because I got so engrossed in the actual making of the sock, and one Betty. So while the Breathless pattern obviously captured my attention, I kind of flaked out on my own goal to try out a bunch of different designers & different dyers.

The blue & orange sock is the one I designed myself. I swear I’ll write the pattern out nicely. Someday. I swear. That sock is made with Play at Life’s Boundless base. I love that yarn pretty hard. I love and envy Chrystee’s dyeing techniques pretty hard too.

In the middle, there’s a purple & green sock. That is Tyrannosaurus Knits yarn. She has some beautiful colourways and her yarn was wonderful to work with. I am anxiously awaiting the Sagittarius installment of the Tripping Yarn Balls club to see what she did this go-round.

The rest are my own colourways. I have this weird thing where I buy yarn from other dyers and then can’t bear to knit it up because what if it’s the wrong pattern? I can’t just make that colourway again, and and and… Yeah, a little bit of yarny neurosis there.

So, now that I’ve talked about my knitting, I want to talk about my year. It’s been a hell of a year in the Twisted home. so many positive things have happened; I began working for a different department in the company I work for and I actually enjoy going to work now. I am acutely aware of just how rare it is for someone to truly enjoy going to work, and between the work that I’m doing and the people I work with, I’ve got it pretty good. My husband also has a new job, apprenticing as an electrician. He works alongside my cousin, who has been wonderfully supportive of my husband’s new career and has really helped steer him in the right direction. Of course, my kids are awesome. Duh.

What has really struck me this year is how blessed I am friendwise. Celia, who lives in space (I’m geographically challenged, so unless you live in Canada or Montana, you live in space in my mind), has been a great friend. She’s the mastermind behind the Breathless pattern I got so obsessed with, and she’s the one who will tease me if I make one more pair of them. I might do it just to garner the teasing. But she’s the one person who I can trust to tell me when I’m donning my crazypants, that maybe I ought to sit back and examine my own dumbassery, and she even once defended my husband when I wanted to wring his neck. We laugh together and get silly together, and she’s the one who taught me how to knit over the phone. She’s truly a wonderful friend, and I wish we lived closer to each other.

My chatty friends; Stephie, Pearl, Libs, Robin, Azar, Angela, Mel, Alise, Steph, Rachel, Sheena, Kris, and I’m sure in my usual fashion I’m forgetting someone. You guys make me laugh so much, even when I’m  not participating. You’re an amazing bunch of women and I’m so thankful to have found kinship with you.

Shauna, you’re such a fun & crazy person to be around. I’m so looking forward to when you’re feeling better not only for the huge reason that you’ll be feeling better, but it means I can come and see you. I miss your crazy ass.

Heather. Fiona. Thank you so much. You know why.

Sandi, I miss your silliness, wit & wisdom. I hope we can reconnect if either of us are able to unhook from whatever it is that’s flinging us around by the seats of our pants.

Dawn, you are one of a kind. You are by far one of the strangest and funniest women I’ve come across, and one day I will wake up enough to have a more coherent conversation with you again.

Kyra, you’re a neat kid. Stay a kid for as long as you can, don’t ever stop being neat, and keep standing up for what you believe in. It’s really cool being able to interact with you on The Facebooks, your Mom has done a great job with you. You’re truly one of a kind, girl.

If I kept going, naming names, I’d be here forever. I know some wonderful women & men, a lot of them from Rav, and I wish I could express my appreciation to each of you individually. I can’t though, because I suspect I’d get kicked off the interwebs for blathering on too long. I do need to acknowledge my parents though. I used to think that everyone had a relationship with their parents such as I have with mine. I used to think that kids scrapped with their parents and got over it, that all parents were unfailingly supportive, that it was relatively rare for a child (even an adult child) to question their parents’ love for them. It turns out that I’ve hit the parent jackpot. Mom & Dad have been there for my family & I without fail or question through every rough patch, they’ve laughed & celebrated the accomplishments of myself & my family, and there’s never been a moment where I’ve questioned the depth & breadth of their love. Here’s to my Mom & Dad, to Microwave Saturdays, to Tae Kwon Do & Highland dance, and to never feeling like you’re alone. Thank you so much.


In my half asleep, overly excited state, I forgot to mention a woman who I admire & care for; Melanie. Woman, you are refreshing in your candor. You’ve faced a lot of beasts this past year, and you’re the epitome of strength in the face of these things. Even when you perceive weakness in yourself and you can’t see it, you’re just amazing. You face your truths, your fears, your excitements, all of it. Even when another woman would try to reject it, you are so undeniably you. Don’t ever change that, even when the undeniably you part of you changes. You’re so loved.

Chrystee & Erin, the club has been a wonderful thing. It’s so much fun to do this with you, and I look forward to the rest of it. I also feel I’ve gotten to know you both a little more and you’re both such wonderful women.

And last but not least, the members of both Twisted Disc and Tripping Yarn Balls, as well as people who enjoy the Shameless Twist yarns. Thank you for your support in 2011, and I look forward to 2012.


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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