Virgo socks & relinquishing my selfishness

I’m a selfish knitter. My list of knitworthy is really, really short. As in, my own Mom got booted off of it for not wanting the socks I fussed over for waaay too long. I’m the one who smiles as she names her astronomical price (my current hourly wage at my job as a mechanic plus materials and a refusal to use nothing but the best) for the hat you want knit for your neice. In fact, on my facebook “about me” section, it says this;

“I don’t knit for pay. Ever. I don’t knit as a favour, I won’t knit for your kids, or your spouse, or your friend who is dying of (insert disease here). I knit (or crochet) for others because I want to, not because they asked me to. Don’t ask. I won’t do it.”

I know it’s rather cold, but there comes a point where you just get fed up. I posted that there after the umpteenth request from people I haven’t seen or spoken to in a decade or co-workers  asking me to knit them something, as though I could just whip up a sweater in an evening (I don’t knit sweaters. Only socks. But that’s not the point!) . I want to enjoy my knitting. It’s a hobby. I can paint it as an art, and it certainly is, but when you get down to brass tacks (where did that saying come from anyway? I’ll have to look that up if I remember.) most knitters do it for enjoyment, the satisfaction of a finished piece, and because they like having something useful to do as a pastime. I know some people love knitting for others, and think that’s just great. I do it rarely because I don’t like deadlines, and knitting on a deadline for me has proven to be a bad idea. Uh, sorry about that Celia. I’ll finish a test knit one day. I swear.

This brings me to my very short “Hell yes I will knit for you!” list. My friend Stacey is on that very short list. We’ve been friends since we were wee. 28 years at this point, if memory serves. We’re as different as night and day in so many aspects, but ever since we were kids it didn’t matter because we were both square pegs in a duck pond. (Long story.) I posted my Virgo installment by Erin at Tyrannosaurus Knits from the Tripping Yarn Balls club on my facebook when I got it a while ago, and 3 weeks later Stacey still remembered it and exclaimed how beautiful she thought it was. She’s not a yarner. Well, how can you refuse a hint like that? I offered to make her some socks. And I swear her feet being as itty bitty as mine had nothing to do with it.

Little copper beads just added the perfect touch.

I gotta show you something else, though. Something I discovered and have fallen madly in love with.

This is a stitch marker from Exchanging Fire on Etsy. I bought them on a whim and was so delighted to open the package and find that they were so perfect! The amount of attention and care put into these is just amazing. Of course, such a beautiful piece has to rest upon the perfection that are Dyakcraft Darn Pretty DPNs. I’m so thrilled with my yarning tools. I get as many as possible from indies.

With that, I leave you with the reminder to check out indies this gifting season. Be it for yarny friends or not, you’ll find beautiful and unique stuff you can’t pick up at your local walmart.


About shamelesstwist

I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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2 Responses to Virgo socks & relinquishing my selfishness

  1. flannelberry says:

    I love this post. I have done too much knitting for people who missed the point and am done with that.

    As far as shopping goes I could not agree more – buy local and handmade for all of your holidays…

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