I’ve knit!

Okay, okay. I do knit. I rarely finish anything, so on the rare occasion that I do, it’ll be posted here. I do own yarns I didn’t make myself, and will eventually get those projects up here (again with the finishing thing.)


Anyway, I have 2 projects to show off today. I finally finished Charlie’s Atari socks. They’re the Breathless pattern (shush, you!) again, at the strong request of miz Charlie. She had dyed some Obedience yarn hers own self and insisted I make her these socks with it.

She insisted on doing “pretty feet” for me, so I’ll include the pic here. While I was knitting the socks up, I noticed that the way her colours landed together reminded me of Atari games, especially the really super ones that had more than 3 colours.

"They gotta be green beads, Mom."

Charlie’s favourite colour is green, so that’s what she chose for beads. I’m rather pleased with the way these turned out!


Along the same lines, I modified the Breathless pattern to look kind of like a banana. I’d have done colourwork, but I haven’t mastered that particular art yet. Soon though. My friend Stacey swears she’ll teach me, I suspect I may not be teachable. Anyway, they were to finally use up the ripe banana colour I had done a year or so ago but hadn’t found the right pattern for yet. I rather like how my banana slippers turned out!

I kept the lacing feature up the back because there’s an avatar on Ravelry which greatly amuses me of a banana bound in a criss cross pattern. And finally, my bead choice;

Since I couldn’t swing the banana colour on the foot, I used appropriately coloured beads. Come winter, I am going to have some happy feet!

I’m casting on (hopefully) some Play at Life Jumping Joy Sockie Maki tonight, solid pattern decision notwithstanding. See, that’s my problem; I love so many patterns and so many yarns, and I want to make all the patterns in all the yarns, and it just doesn’t always work out that way.


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I'm a yarn fanatic, auto service technician, mother to 3 daughters, and sometimes I can pin words down to make sense to someone other than myself.
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