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Olds Fibre Week, here I come!

I’ve spent the last 2 weekends dyeing for Twisted Disc and for the upcoming Olds Fibre Week. Over 100 skeins have gone into the pot, and I still have one day left for this weekend. Into the pot it all … Continue reading

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Magrat. The soppiest, most bubbly Ramtops witch you’ve come across yet. Simultaneously adored and scorned by Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax, she’s into green witchery and as much cheap silver jewellery as she can wear. Somehow though, she finds it … Continue reading

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Twisted Disc update

I’ll be updating the Twisted Disc page whenever I ship instalments, so please keep an eye on that page around the end of each month. Once people start getting their packages, I’ll post a picture of the colourway as well … Continue reading

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Exclusive Bases

I just finished ordering some exclusive bases meant just for this club. While I love the bases I carry regularly in the shop, this club is a pretty big deal for me and I wanted to give all of you … Continue reading

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Colourway Development

4 colourways have been solidly developed now, with your first installments all dyed up & ready for tagging & shipping! I get nervous with every club I run, but this club is proving to be a little more nerve wracking, … Continue reading

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