Happy Birthday, Mom

My Mom is truly an amazing woman. Between her & my Dad, I could not have asked for more loving, attentive parents. Their guidance throughout my life has been invaluable, and while I don’t always take the path they suggest, that they’ve been there for me through all that I’ve put them through and still appear to like me makes me realize how lucky I am. I know many are not that lucky.


With that in mind, I made my Mom’s birthday presents this year. Socks. I made her three pair of socks.

These are Swirl Socks, designed by Maureen Foulds. I made them using Play At Life‘s sockie maki, and love the way the colours transitioned over the sock. Mom is madly in love with them, too.




I didn’t have the chance to take nice photos of this pair as my camera battery died just as we were on our way to her celebration.


This next pair is Shapeshifters by Celia Jones, done up in some Tyrannosaurus Knits Oviraptor Sock. Sadly, TK is no longer dyeing, but if you’re lucky you might score some of her stuff in a destash. It’s wonderful to work with.



And the final project was Spring Sprout by Jeannie Cartmel. I ktbl the yo’s in order to close the holes, as I wanted it to look like fish tails instead of leaves, and I think it turned out quite nicely! I also threw a wefted heel on for interest. These are also made from Tyrannosaurus Knits’ yarn, this base being Triceratops sock.



Happy birthday, Mom. You’re worth every stitch. I love you.


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Shameless Twist has moved

I have moved Shameless Twist back to Artfire. I was paying for the space monthly and simply not using it, so it seemed the most ideal thing to do. Many thanks go out to my good friend Jess, who coded and built shamelesstwist.com. Your help and the laughs were so much fun. Thank you a million times over.


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I’ve been knitting. Crazy, I know. I’ve even been knitting entire pairs of socks. Since it seems like a bit much to fire them all into one post, I’m going to show off my Maevas today. I made two pair. The first pair I didn’t realize I’d want to go up a needle size for the cabled instep stitches, so they’re a little tight but still so gorgeous. These first ones were made with some Obedience yarn in “Drunken Tumble”.




I loved the pattern so much I didn’t want to just let it lie at one pair. Yes, I actually reuse patterns. It seems strange to me for me to do this since I have access to thousands and thousands of different patterns, but as is evidenced by my billionty pair of Breathless, when I like something I like it a lot. I cast on and made another pair using CakeWalk Yarns Footsie in Lemonade. They turned out absolutely beautiful. I like the yarn a lot too, it was easy to work with and the colours are brilliant.


maevalemon_medium2Maybe when I take photos of the other pairs I’ve made or am making, I’ll get a prettier photo of this pair. They really are quite lovely.


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Back in the beginning of September, a family very dear to me was hit with some pretty terrifying news. Their oldest daughter was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer most often found in adolescents. While we have a wonderful health care system here in Canada, it unfortunately doesn’t cover the cost of transportation and food for accompanying family members during treatment and they drive 2 hours each way with each treatment, often staying overnight with her. As such, the lovely and talented Celia Jones offered up her designing skills to create a beautiful awareness ribbon sock to offer up with a kit, the proceeds  of which will go toward K’s family to help them through.

It really is a lovely sock, and if you decide that you’d like to have a kit but with a different base, just message me on Ravelry under my cablefreak account and we’ll work it out.


The sock:



And to get to the kit page, simply click right here.

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I love the look of these socks. I really, really do. And I’ve been dying to use this yarn because the colour is just delicious. It’s a colourway on Obedience that I happened upon when I was trying to recreate another dyepot mystery that I had ended up making my Bettie’s Lace stockings out of. These are Maeva from Knitty.com. I do recommend going up either a half or full needle size though, as the arch expansion is a little tight. I’m actually going to be casting on a second pair in some Cakewalk yarn, which is exciting because I’ve bought a bunch of her yarn but haven’t knit it up yet.

Pictures, of course!

My Maevas

My Betties

Man, I love socks.

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I’m Going to start a Tink-Along.

So. I’ve been busy, mainly dyeing and working. There has been a crazy amount of drama in my life lately, but I’ve been trying my darnedest to knit every night. I don’t always have the chance to, or I get wrapped up in reading my boards and suddenly realize I need to go to bed if I have any hope of getting enough sleep to be effective at work the next day. I’ve been test knitting a sock, but I had printed the pattern off on bright white paper and the words were swimming. I was screened for Irlen Syndrome back in February and have a peach overlay to help the words come back to where they belong, but I am still getting used to using it. After goobing up the first sock prototype, I tried a second and was still unable to follow the pattern. Finally it dawned on me that I am not a poor knitter, nor am I being stupid or distracted, I had printed it out on bright white! Frustrated & elated at the same time, I bombed over to Staples & grabbed some salmon coloured paper to try it on. Ba-BOOM! I was following instructions like a madwoman! This would explain why my last 4 socks were frogged and put in time out.

I also set my Dad up with a blog today. The name of it came from me jokingly suggesting that his life’s catch phrase was “Are you being deliberately obtuse?”. He’s, well, he’s my Dad and we are so very different and so very the same in some ways. He’s an amusing storyteller, so if you’re interested in the mad mutterings of a middle aged Canadian with 5 granddaughters and a grandson, go check it out. He’s been working out. He hates it.

I’d post pictures, but the pattern is secret until it’s done.

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Some people are just knit worthy

For the last 2 1/2 years, a woman named Treva has been taking care of my youngest daughter for 10 hours a day. I would blearily drop my daughter off at 7:30 AM and pick her up at 5:30 PM. In those 2 1/2 years, Charlie’s manners & speech improved, she was happy at the end of the day, and I knew that she’d been properly fed & taken care of. Treva was the third parent, caring for my daughter during most of her waking hours and making sure she got to kindergarten when the time came. She brought Charlie to the Sunnybrook Farm, the beach, the water park, the playground, helped her make Mother’s Day treasures, helped her learn her letters and practice all she’d learned in kindergarten. She patiently put up with the fussy eating Charlie would toss her way (which I had no idea about until only a few months ago!), refereed arguments between Charlie and Treva’s own kids, and welcomed my daughter into her home for 2 1/2 years. Charlie is entering grade one on Tuesday, so her time with Treva had to come to an end. I hadn’t actually needed child care over the summer, because Charlie has 2 older sisters who are quite capable of caring for her while I’m at work, but it was just too soon.

To put it into knitter’s terms, Treva is knit-worthy. And when you’re as selfish a knitter as I am, that’s saying a lot. At Charlie’s request, I made her the Love Bug socks I made my oldest daughter with yarn I dyed for the project at Charlie’s direction.


The charm you see there isn’t attached to the socks. It’s a pendant Charlie chose for Treva.


Originally, I hadn’t consulted with Charlie regarding Treva’s socks, as the hush-capabilities of a six year old are usually questionable at best. I was making the Galder socks in a toe-up fashion, but hadn’t increased my needle size for the cable portion and ended up with socks which were way too difficult to put on. Pretty, but impractical. I made the one sock in Taurus from the TYB Zodiac club. As soon as I realized what I’d done, we started dyeing yarn.


I managed to get another skein of Taurus through a FSOT posting on Rav, and started making a pair with the correct needles. I was clipping along at a good pace and turned the entire heel (see that lovely textured heel?) when I realized I hadn’t been cabling the heel in the proper direction. Frustrated, I frogged. I started again. And not even into my second pattern repeat, I screwed up again. So these gorgeous socks are on the back burner.

I’m just so glad that I was able to finish Treva’s socks, and that Charlie had a chance to be cared for by Treva. My gratitude couldn’t even be measured by the number of stars.

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I swear I’ve been knitting!

I can’t really post pictures of said knitting right now, because the recipients will be able to see them and as anyone in my clubs know, I’m all about the surprise. There will be photos when it’s time though, I promise.

We’ve announced the launch of Come As You Are – a 90’s alternative/grunge music themed club that all three of us are excited about. When Erin of Tyrannosaurus Knits told us that she was leaving the dyeing world, it took Chrystee and I some time to get over our sad enough to recruit Christa from Nerd Girl Yarns. Christa does some beautiful work and I’ve been a fan for a long time. It was wonderful working with Erin & Chrystee, it was a lot of fun. The nice thing about collaborative clubs is that in our club, we send the other dyers our yarn as well, so we got to get in on the excitement. The three of us would swoon privately over each other’s yarns before anyone else got to see them, but getting them in the mail was so exciting! Christa is going to be a wonderful addition to our collaborative, and I’m so looking forward to all of this. 

Speaking of clubs, I’m wavering between doing a second round of Twisted Disc or going in a new direction. Twisted Disc was fun, and I am a complete Terry Pratchet devotee, and there are so many characters I didn’t get to touch on. But there are so many cool themes out there as well!



Maybe a smaller Twisted Disc to make room for a second theme? I just might do that. Then again I might not. Who knows?

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Impulse and Insinuation

During the course of the Twisted Disc club, I introduced people to Insinuation. It was just a teaser; DEATH on Insinuation. It has been a few months since that went out, and I’ve finally added it to the shop.

I did a 116 skein update in Shameless Twist tonight, with the help of my kids. Last night, it was with the help of some of my friends as I railed against my creative block for coming up with names for these yarns. It’s been a fun update, and I look forward to peoples’ reactions to Insinuation and Impulse.

Insinuation is a truly seductive yarn which I talked about in the Death post. I really don’t think I could describe it better now than I did back then. What more could I say about a yarn that is 25% silk and drapes itself across your hands the way it does?

Impulse is a new 75/25 superwash wool/nylon blend. It’s more tightly twisted than Naughty is, but softer than Obedience. It’s absolutely wonderful to work with.

And now, some pictures because who wants a blog post without pictures, hmm?

Love Letters on the new Impulse base

That Frosts My Peaches on Insinuation


For some reason, Wookie’s Lament doesn’t want to upload the picture of the yarn, so here’s a shot of it as promised on the product page. I don’t know why it’s so shy!

Poor, shy, Wookie’s Lament

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Tristan & Isolde

For the last 6 years, a wonderful lady has been teaching my oldest daughter how to dance in the Highland discipline. She’s meant a whole lot to us, and she’s had to leave our studio because she’s had some really exciting developments with her own family. Of course, a woman who has the patience to teach your daughter how to perfect the Fling and the Seann Triubhas is worthy of a pair of hand knit socks. Were I a faster knitter, she’d have ended up with a week’s worth.

I made her the Tristan & Isolde socks from Janel Laidman’s book “The Enchanted Sole”, as they were the most reminiscent of highland dance shoes. I only wish I could have made her a millionty pair, she’s meant that much to us.



Here’s to goodbyes and new beginnings, Miss Sally.

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